An RSS refresher, why it's anti-"content," and some tips
1,000 songs (and anxiety dreams) in your pocket

January 2023

What if Twitter and "content" had existed during the O.J. Simpson chase? I'm glad you asked!

December 2022

My miserable SEO #content journey to learn not much of anything
The Complete Beginner’s Guide to "Capitalist Realism"Listen now (92 min) | A look at Mark Fisher's most famous book
The tyranny of the SEO keyword and the weird relationship between Google and reddit

October 2022

SEO Cope And Change—And StarCraft!Listen now (59 min) | What it's like to be a manager at an SEO content mill

September 2022

The Top 10 Things We Wish We Didn't Know About Content MillsListen now (83 min) | Badly tailored suits, even worse CMSes, and the wisdom of Margaret Rouse
As explained through (some very old) video games!
The Knife Alien File: A Content BonanzaListen now (55 min) | The one rule you can never break when working for a content mill
With commentary in David Foster Wallace-inspired footnotes

August 2022

002b: Content algorithms: We’re the tools and Google is the operatorListen now (55 min) | How algorithms make us behave in weird ways