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I know that at surface-level it might seem weird for me to share and agree with a piece like this. I’m a marketer literally specialized in “content” and often working with SEO + some of my favorite people are SEO professionals who contributed, some to a large degree, to the industry becoming what you talk about here.

But also, while I don’t know what those people thought back in 2008, but I do know that now they also believe in valuing the work of writers, supporting this strike, and getting back to a respect for creative professionals.

Marketing doesn’t work well if you’re pumping out content with zero thought for what that “content” includes.

Marketing, at its best, is a deeply creative profession. It’s a way for artists, writers, filmmakers, musicians, and all kinds of creatives to put their talents and their artistic sensibility into promoting commercial projects. It’s not good or bad, it depends on how those sensibilities are applied, how that work is respected, and what exactly is being promoted.

We’ve seen how the chase for the lowest common denominator turned out for the internet and most creative fields. Let’s take what we’ve learned and build something better

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