Apr 1 • 45M

Doing Something About Jenny Odell's "How to do Nothing," Part 1!

What does it mean to focus your attention and opt out of the "attention economy"?

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Literally 2 Cents About Content! is a podcast about content mills and the broader concept of labeling all creative work "content." Why do we call everything anyone produces "content"? How does this "content" frame affect us as content consumers? And what types of conditions do content creators labor under? Check out Liz's website at https://lizmakesstuff.com and Alex's site at www.content-lab.agency
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Alex and Liz look at "How to do Nothing" by Jenny Odell, talk about Twitter, TikTok, and Mastodon and their respective effects on our mental health, and even spin out a hot take on David Foster Wallace's legendary 2005 commencement speech at Kenyon College.

Liz’s blog: Lizmakesstuff.com

Adam Kotsko’s stunning blog post, “The Moral Cost of Capitalism”: https://itself.blog/2023/02/28/the-moral-cost-of-capitalism/

David Foster Wallace’s “This is Water” commencement speech: https://fs.blog/david-foster-wallace-this-is-water/