Jul 24, 2022 • 34M

002a: IMDb What to Watch, AWS, and algorithmic selection

Consuming content isn't fun anymore. That's because there's too much out there and it's all being recommended to you by machines.

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Literally 2 Cents About Content! is a podcast about content mills and the broader concept of labeling all creative work "content." Why do we call everything anyone produces "content"? How does this "content" frame affect us as content consumers? And what types of conditions do content creators labor under? Check out Liz's website at https://lizmakesstuff.com and Alex's site at www.content-lab.agency
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Alex and Liz talk about IMDb What to Watch, a new app for trying to find that one pearl in the sea of "endless streaming content," through gamification. Will it work? We’re skeptical. And wasn't consuming content supposed to be fun at some point? The thing is: When there's too much to watch, everyone falls back on their preexisting favorites, or gets trapped in a loop of algorithmic selection and decision anxiety. We also examine how tricky it is to find exactly what you're looking for via Google Search, due to similar issues, namely the dominance of opaque algorithms and the excessive amount of online garbage, er, content, that is constantly being churned out by content mills every day.

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Liz’s site: https://lizmakesstuff.com

IMDb What to Watch: https://www.theverge.com/2022/5/5/23059025/amazon-imdb-app-games-fire-tv-exclusive

Episode 002b, with a more in-depth look at algorithms, is coming next week!