Jul 17, 2022 • 49M

001: Bill Gates and the origins of "content is king"

How did "content" become an unavoidable keyword?

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Literally 2 Cents About Content! is a podcast about content mills and the broader concept of labeling all creative work "content." Why do we call everything anyone produces "content"? How does this "content" frame affect us as content consumers? And what types of conditions do content creators labor under? Check out Liz's website at https://lizmakesstuff.com and Alex's site at www.content-lab.agency
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Welcome to Literally 2 Cents About Content!, the podcast about what it’s like to write thousands of words per day for literally two cents per word! In our first episode, Alex tells Elizabeth all about the origins of the content industry, what the word and concept of “content” really means, and, perhaps unsurprisingly, the role of the (in)famous Microsoft founder in presaging (and creating!) the industry itself. We have so much content planned for this podcast, and we hope you enjoy our first foray into our literal two cents about content!

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Liz’s site: https://lizmakesstuff.com

Jeff Jarvis on too much content: twitter.com/jeffjarvis/status/1525785035424546816

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The internet as space vs. the internet as medium: http://screengrab.blog/2015/01/31/space-quest-6-and-the-internet-as-space-vs-medium/

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